Personal web design for individual needs

It’s your journey. You know the destination. Let’s get your ideas everywhere.

Web Development

Building on a solid foundation

Websites are developed using WordPress as the Content Management System. This has multiple benefits. WordPress is incredibly well developed over many years and is very reliable. There are thousands of plugins available so no matter what feature you’re looking for, there’s a solution with WordPress. The design and layout of a WordPress website can easily be changed when new ideas come to mind, so your content will always stay relevant and in focus.

Together in the right direction

Developing a design that suits your ideas and the purpose of the content is a complicated and important process. Each step of the way, we make sure decisions are taken that ensure both a solid user experience, clear communication and that your ideas are represented the best way possible. With extensive experience with large international teams as well as with small personal projects, the design process is in good hands.

Keeping the wheels turning

Apart from developing web content from idea to finished product, regular maintenance is also on offer. May it be creating new content, updating underlying software, or even refreshing the entire web design, you can obtain services at both an hourly rate as well as on weekly or monthly retainer. It’s important to maintain the quality of the content as well as staying relevant. Great care will be taken to preserve your ideas.

Who I am.

A multi creative individual with many services on offer from a wide set of experiences in web- and graphic design, photography and video production. Having a unique eye for aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, there are endless, valuable qualities at your disposal when creating content and transforming your ideas into digital presence.


Besides digital design I also create music as ghost and tape. Electro acoustic music released on several labels worldwide. I’m a passionate cyclist on road bikes, always exploring and expressing myself on the tarmac. Devoted cat owner and occasionally painting on canvas with mixed media.

Content Creation

Digital content

From an idea to a finished digital representation, there are many roads to choose from. Together we work towards defining the best option for you. From creating content pieces promoting that special product you’re selling, the service you’re offering or creating a buzz around the event you’re planning. How you communicate your idea digitally is everything.

From physical to pixel

Selling products or services online means that you need to convert your idea into a digital format. An image says more than a thousand words they say, and this is specially true for online commerce. I offer product photography in either my home studio or on location with digital after-touch. The more details you can present, the easier you’ll have successful sales.