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Latest design trends

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Obsessive attention to detail

Design Concept

Simple beauty with high functionality and content attention.

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Web development with a solid foundation of responsive design.

Client Care

Personalized attention to individual needs and expectations.

Personal design for individual needs

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WordPress as CMS

Websites are developed using WordPress as CMS. This has multiple benefits. WordPress is incredibly stable and reliable. There are a multitude of plug ins available to serve any need you might have. The design and layout of the website can easily be changed, keeping the site fresh and relevant. As a client it is quite easy to learn how to add content on your own after the project has been delivered.


Target words and phrases are carefully selected based on the content of your website to maximise the value of the site in terms of search engines. There are many things to consider when you want to reach your target audience. In a two way process the content of your web site and the key target words are adapted to make sure that search engines display your site when visitors are looking for exactly you.

Social media

Connecting your website with social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter is a very powerful tool whether you run an online e-commerce shop or want to present your artistic work to the world. Sharing functions and Like buttons are implemented throughout the website making sure your visitors can share their experiences instantly and your content gets maximum exposure. 

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Web designer, graphic designer, photographer, painter, musician.

Heine Christensen

Born 1974

designer, musician, devoted cat owner

Creative background

Heine Christensen is a multi creative individual with a wide set of experiences in web- and graphic design, photography, video production, painting and has a career as an electronic musician besides web design. Having a unique eye for aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, there are endless, valuable qualities on offer when creating content and a platform for your ideas.

Project management

With a background in educational institutions, Heine Christensen has  in-depth experience when carrying out complex projects with many ongoing processes at the same time. Management, structure and organisation are key functions when your ideas are transformed into online presence. You can be sure that the process is carried out to perfection from start to finished product.